Sleepy Bee

Imagine having lunch in a busy cafe without disturbing your baby's nap.  What would it be like to move her from the car into the house without those tense moments hoping she won’t wake up?  How nice would it be to put your toddler in his crib knowing he won’t be bothered by household noise? 

Customer submitted photos
Jed Baby Sleeping
Baby Creed Sleeping
-Dolloff with the Bee -Creed & Bee
Baby Sleeping Viv
Baby Robbins and the Bee asleep
-Viv and the Bee -Belle and Bee
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       Meet Sleepy Bee.™  Perfect for the mom on the go, Sleepy Bee’s™ soothing sounds neutralize noise in the car, at a restaurant, in the grocery store or even at home.  Compact, portable, versatile and easy to use, Sleepy Bee™ will soon be your favorite mother’s helper.
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Sleepy Bee was designed by Mothers for Mothers.
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While traveling across country I found myself in the middle of a long airport layover with my six-month-old daughter in desperate need of a nap.  I dug through my bag...