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Imagine having lunch in a busy cafe without disturbing your baby's nap.  What would it be like to move her from the car into the house without those tense moments hoping she won’t wake up?  How nice would it be to put your toddler in his crib knowing he won’t be bothered by household noise? 

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Keep Calm and Carry On

1 comments — posted 2011 Dec by Momma Bee

In the spring of 1939 it seemed inevitable Great Britain would be attacked by Nazi Germany. In an attempt to calm civilians, England’s Ministry of Information department designed a poster with an icon of the King’s crown and the slogan; Keep Calm and Carry On.

Throughout the war, the Royal Family handled themselves with typical British composure and everyone could sense that Keep Calm and Carry On was on their minds. King George VI and Queen Mary maintained official residence at Buckingham Palace during the war as a show of solidarity with Londoners.  Winning would take a united effort and they was committed to lead by example. 

A couple of years ago I received a copy of the royal poster for my birthday.  I had it framed and it’s hanging over my fireplace where it’s hard to miss.  Keep Calm and Carry On.  Bottom line: if you want your world to be under control, you first have to be in control of yourself.

When facing trials, how do you usually respond?  If you drop a plate on the floor loading the dishwasher what do you do?  If milk is spilled at the dinner table, do all eyes turn on you to see how you’ll react?  Does a friend or coworker delay telling you unpleasant news for fear of your response? 

Most of us live as if we are in High Alert.  No wonder we’re so stressed and worn out. Recently I watched a woman fling her arms and yell like her hair was on fire as she stormed out of the convenience store because her favorite tea was out of stock.  It was amazing!  Spilled milk, a shattered plate, losing a contract to a competitor, or tea out of stock are all exasperating, but no where close to a German invasion.

We all face challenging circumstances that are out of our control every single day.  What we do have control of is how we respond to them.  Who runs your life … you or your emotions?  For the general welfare of their country the King and Queen chose to hold their composure and remain calm in the face of war. For the benefit of family, friends and colleagues we can do the same. 

Whatever you face today remember you have the opportunity to choose an unperturbed, cool-headed response or a Level Orange reaction.  Save your energy and enjoy the day. 

Keep Calm and Carry On.  

Momma Bee

Hang On!

2 comments — posted 2011 Jun by Momma Bee

I ran out the door the other day frustrated with myself for misjudging time ... once again.  Everything takes twice as long as I think it will.  Or, do I always try to squash too many things into a short time slot?  Either way, I’m not one who leisurely walks out the door, I’m a dasher.

After the mental checklist: phone ... check, keys ... check, purse ... check, I jumped into the van.  I established my checklist several years ago after I realized I had left the baby in the house as I was backing out of the driveway.

Turning onto the highway, I noticed a half dollar-sized something on the lower part of the windshield.  Was it a double wad of gum?  Nasty!  Then it moved, so I looked closer.  Unbelievable!  At 65 miles per hour, hanging on to the windshield for all it was worth, was a tree frog.

That frog had to have been a mom because she simply hunkered down and hung on.  I understood how she must have felt because so many times my life seems as if I’m stuck on the windshield of an 18 wheeler on Interstate 44.  I hang on because to jump off would be disastrous. I also remind myself everything has a beginning, middle and end, and at some point the 18 wheeler will run out of gas and I’ll get a break.  

If you’re honest, you’ll admit you’ve felt the same way and sometimes would give anything to just sit down and give up. All moms do. However, we have a choice when life gets too fast and frustrating; we can panic and jump or hang on and find a way to enjoy the ride.

Momma Bee

Giving Back

0 comments — posted 2011 May by Momma Bee


I’m sure, like most mothers, my mom probably wondered if the things she said to me while I was growing up would fly in one ear and out the other without even slowing down, or if some of it might stick.  Somewhere at the top of the list of important things she wanted me to remember, right up there with don’t slouch, look someone in the eye when you shake their hand and put on some lipstick, was something I understand more and more as the years go by ... always give back. Like my mom, I’ve tried to emphasize the importance of giving back to my own kids.

The Sleepy Bee family is committed to doing just that, giving back.  Here’s what one mom, Kari, had to say: My friend Jill came up with a brilliant mommy idea and created Sleepy Bee. The Bee Barn is right across the street from me, so I can tell you firsthand there’s a lot of buzzzzzing going on over there!  

Over 100 bees have been donated for me to take to Uganda to give to Amani Baby Cottage to help the precious orphaned babies sleep soundly. Sleepy Bee is going to Uganda in June!  Also for the next six months 10% of all the Sleepy Bee sales goes to Visiting Orphans.  I am so excited and extremely grateful for their support.

So when you purchase a Sleepy Bee, not only will you be helping your own child get better sleep, you’ll be giving an orphan on the other side of the world a chance for a better life. 

Thanks for helping us give back, 

Momma Bee


0 comments — posted 2011 May by Momma Bee

I promised myself, after my kids were grown, I would never say to a young mother, “Enjoy them now because they’ll be grown before you know it.”  It seems older mothers are quick to offer such comfort when two or more of your kids are having a major meltdown in a very crowded checkout line on the hottest day of the summer.  I once came really close to asking a woman if she wanted to take all three of mine home with her to enjoy them for a while.

However, now that my kids are older, I will admit I’ve said those very words.  I try not to, in any way, offer encouragement to a woman with screaming children. I clearly remember how close I came to saying ugly things in return.  I have decided, though, it’s an OK thing to say if everyone is calm, dry and acting precious.

Kids grow up like water evaporating.  You know it’s happening, but don’t really know how it works.  The newborn and infant stages seem to last so long they should be counted in dog years.  When my son was about three weeks old he started screaming all the time. He was unconsolable.  I called my sister-in-law.  She didn’t have kids yet but she was a nurse and I thought surely she would have some helpful hints.  She said, “It’s OK.  It’s probably colic and it only lasts about three months.”

Are you kidding me?  In dog years time that’s like two plus years. After she had her three girls she understood the dog years theory.  

However, when kids start grade school the years get shorter.  Junior high for some reverts to dog years, but then high school is like a downhill slide out the door. I suppose it really is true, before you know it, they’re grown.  

Momma Bee

Advice Overload

1 comments — posted 2011 Mar by Momma Bee

Is there anything more magnificent, yet confusing, than being mom? Because we live in a time where streaming information causes brain overload or a short circuit, I’ve often thought the pioneer women might have had an easier time mothering.  Then I remembered epidurals hadn’t be invented yet.  They must have had brain overloads and short circuits of a different sort because giving birth to 6 or 10 kids was kind of the norm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

“Well, humph, she endorses drugs during birth,” I can hear someone thinking out loud.  No, not really.  I gave birth to two with drugs and one without.  The one without was my last.  I’m not saying that cured me, but the first two sort of paved the way for the third.  But, it’s just like every aspect of being a parent ... there are so many right ways to do everything from buying diapers, to where and when the baby should sleep, to how long to breast feed or not.

It’s as if no matter what you do someone will tell you you’re not doing it right.  No wonder there is a rise in postpartum depression.  We’re all worn out from trying to do it right because of something “they say.”  Who are “they” anyway?   “They” must be really smart because they are quoted a lot. I’ve often wanted to find and tell them to just be quiet because they are making the rest of us feel bad and look like dummies.

Don’t get me wrong, but you’ll have to agree so much conflicting expert information can leave us so confused we wonder what ever made us think we were capable of taking care of another human.  Some of the best advice I ever heard was from an older woman who had brought dinner to a new mom.  She said, “Everyone is going to give their advice whether you want to hear it or not.  Ignore the horror stories and politely smile and listen to the rest.  Then do whatever the heck you think is best for you and your baby.”  I thought that was brilliant.

Next time you see a frazzled mom, instead of loading her down with advice, offer to run an errand for her or keep her kiddo for a couple of hours so she can take a nap.  We’re all in this game together. Let’s lock arms and encourage each other.  

What’s the most encouraging thing someone has ever said or done for you on the Mom front?

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