A Tired Mommy Like You

While traveling across country I found myself in the middle of a long airport layover with my six-month-old daughter in desperate need of a nap. I dug through my bag for the sleep machine we use at home, then realized I needed electricity. Frantically searching, every outlet I found was being used by business travelers with laptops! I stood in the middle of that huge airport with a screaming baby thinking how wonderful a small portable sleep machine would be.

Out of that frustrating experience Sleepy Bee™ was born. I’ve found Sleepy Bee™ not only helpful with airports layovers, but it became my biggest nap aid in grocery stores, restaurants, malls, doctors offices, and even my nephews’ baseball games. But, my favorite use quickly became for transitioning my sleeping baby from the car to the crib.

We wanted to keep this product uncomplicated so Sleepy Bee™ is a simple, small, portable sleep buddy who fits in a diaper bag, a purse or even in pocket. My hope is to share with busy, on-the-go moms a way for their baby or child to sleep undisturbed.

Sleepy Bee™ helps babies sleep pure and simple.

Sleepy Dreamzzz,
Vivian’s and Violet’s Mom