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I promised myself, after my kids were grown, I would never say to a young mother, “Enjoy them now because they’ll be grown before you know it.”  It seems older mothers are quick to offer such comfort when two or more of your kids are having a major meltdown in a very crowded checkout line on the hottest day of the summer.  I once came really close to asking a woman if she wanted to take all three of mine home with her to enjoy them for a while.

However, now that my kids are older, I will admit I’ve said those very words.  I try not to, in any way, offer encouragement to a woman with screaming children. I clearly remember how close I came to saying ugly things in return.  I have decided, though, it’s an OK thing to say if everyone is calm, dry and acting precious.

Kids grow up like water evaporating.  You know it’s happening, but don’t really know how it works.  The newborn and infant stages seem to last so long they should be counted in dog years.  When my son was about three weeks old he started screaming all the time. He was unconsolable.  I called my sister-in-law.  She didn’t have kids yet but she was a nurse and I thought surely she would have some helpful hints.  She said, “It’s OK.  It’s probably colic and it only lasts about three months.”

Are you kidding me?  In dog years time that’s like two plus years. After she had her three girls she understood the dog years theory.

But, when kids start grade school the years get shorter.  Junior high for some reverts to dog years, but then high school is like a downhill slide out the door. I suppose it really is true, before you know it, they’re grown.


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