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I ran out the door the other day frustrated with myself for misjudging time … once again.  Everything takes twice as long as I think it will.  Or, do I always try to squash too many things into a short time slot?  Either way, I’m not one who leisurely walks out the door, I’m a dasher.

After the mental checklist: phone … check, keys … check, purse … check, I jumped into the van.  I established my checklist several years ago after I realized I had left the baby in the house as I was backing out of the driveway.

Turning onto the highway, I noticed a half dollar-sized something on the lower part of the windshield.  Was it a double wad of gum?  Nasty!  Then it moved, so I looked closer.  Unbelievable!  At 65 miles per hour, hanging on to the windshield for all it was worth, was a tree frog.

That frog had to have been a mom because she simply hunkered down and hung on.  I understood how she must have felt because so many times my life seems as if I’m stuck on the windshield of an 18 wheeler on Interstate 44.  I hang on because to jump off would be disastrous. I also remind myself everything has a beginning, middle and end, and at some point the 18 wheeler will run out of gas and I’ll get a break.

If you’re honest, you’ll admit you’ve felt the same way and sometimes would give anything to just sit down and give up. All moms do. However, we have a choice when life gets too fast and frustrating; we can panic and jump or hang on and find a way to enjoy the ride.

Momma Bee